Afghanistan Sustainable Agriculture Appeal

We would love to raise money for a development project led by one of the BMS World Mission workers which is focused around sustainable agriculture in Afghanistan.

The project aims to help improve nutrition for local people whilst caring for the environment at the same time. In rural areas, staff would be working with local communities to create “food forests” with crop layering techniques. In urban areas, training would be given in small animal systems and water management systems. In both cases, training would be given to local farmers, school groups, and online to others via social media.

The cost of hope: What your giving can achieve:

Every gift our fellowship makes to the BMS appeal will help to improve someone’s life.  Below are some more details of what your donations can support.

A gift of £9 could buy ‘how to’ agriculture training manuals for 3 farmers in Afghanistan

A gift of £20 could teach someone from a remote mountain village sustainable farming techniques

A gift of £30 could buy all the seeds and saplings one farmer needs to learn to farm sustainably

A gift of £40 could help rent the main demonstration plot, where farmers will learn key techniques

A gift of £60 could buy all the seeds and saplings needed for two farmers to learn to farm sustainably

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Your gift will make a difference.