We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view - wherever they are in the world.

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith in a relaxed setting that includes a meal, a talk and a discussion group.

Over 24 million people have tried Alpha in over 100 countries, and it has been translated into over 100 different languages. Developed as a short course at HTB in London, in 1990 Nicky Gumbel took over running Alpha and found that many people outside of the church wanted to explore the Christian faith. Alpha now runs in every part of the global church.

Our next Alpha Course will start on Tuesday 5 February 2019.

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What is Alpha?

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.

Do you want a fresh start and have questions you'd like to discuss? Then this 10 week course might be for you.

More information about Alpha can also be found on their own site - visit it now by clicking the link below.

Here are some stories of lives transformed through Alpha


‘Alpha was the best thing I ever did. It helped answer some huge questions and to find a simple empowering faith in my life.’

– Bear Grylls, TV Adventurer

‘Alpha ... is probably the most interesting and incredible thing going on in our Christian world.’

– Tony Blair, Former UK Prime Minister

‘I fell in love with the whole concept. It is a fantastic tool, which gives me an ability to ask questions, learn a lot more and discuss it all with different people.’

– Ugo Monye, England Rugby International

‘Alpha Courses ... are opportunities to strengthen ecumenical togetherness among Christians, and a joint proclamation of faith in Christ in today's world.’

– Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

‘In my opinion Alpha accomplishes an incredible task, in making people interested in faith and in making faith relevant to the modern man. I especially appreciate the ecumenical spirit of the Alpha Course: There is no pressure on anybody to join a different denomination, but just to join Jesus and to put Jesus at the centre.’

– Father Raniero Cantalamessa, Preacher to the Papal Household

‘The Alpha Course has now become one of the most reliable and important means of drawing people into the church. It has enormous potential.’

– Alister McGrath, President of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, UK

‘To me, Alpha is an expression of the work of the Holy Spirit… It’s accessible, it’s easy, and it’s user-friendly. It’s extraordinary. It’s leading people into a personal relationship with Jesus and building a community that engages with the world and changes it for the better.’

– Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

‘I thank God for this Alpha movement… It is a method which I’ve seen with my own eyes so you can believe me when I say: I’ve seen it, it works. I praise God for it.’

– Richard Chartres, Bishop of London