Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

We realise that money is a necessary part of everyday life. However, for many people managing your money can be difficult. Especially when things go wrong, being in financial distress can cause huge pressure and affect many different aspects of life. To assist anyone facing debt problems or wanting to improve their money management, we are excited to be partnering with award winning charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP). Through our work with CAP we are able to offer these great resources to members of the local community, whatever your situation or religious background. All our help is offered freely.

CAP Money Course starts Monday 20 November - more details here.

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Help with Debt

CAP offers a face-to-face, comprehensive solution to those struggling under the burden of debt. Through a combination of budgeting advice, creditor liaison and personal support we empower people to work themselves out of debt and transform their finances.

To arrange a debt counselling appointment please call 0800 328 0006.

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Manage Your Money

cap_moneyCAP Money is a money management course which helps people budget and control their finances. Over 3 sessions you will be shown some practical ways to get a better grasp on your money and use a simple, cash-based system. CAP Money is a great resource; no matter what shape your finances are in, we think everyone can benefit from the wisdom shared by the CAP team!

For details about future courses please e-mail Allan here.

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Allan Dunbar is the Centre Manager for the Inverness CAP Centre:

Read more about him here.

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