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We are very sorry that we are not able to meet in person in our Kidzone on Sundays. we are praying for you and your families as you seek to support your children in these challenging days.  We are praying for you and your families as you seek to support your children in these challenging days.  As with all areas of life, Kidzone is changing as we find ourselves scattered for a season. There are many challenges but these days also give rise to new opportunities.

We miss you all so much and look forward to a time when we can gather together again

Please remember to get in touch by email if you have any prayer requests, if you need any practical/pastoral support, or if you would just like to talk!

Until that time, we hope the videos, worksheets and web links below will provide you with some fun activities to do at home with your families.

Here are some suggestions for Church this week for those with children who would normally go to Kidzone.

This week 24 May 2020:

This week we are thinking about being on God’s team. Just as Jesus chose his first disciples he chooses us to be on his team as well. That means that we can say “I am chosen”. You may find it helpful to read the bible stories about Jesus calling his first disciples in Matthew 4:18-21 & Matthew 9:9-13.

We have outlined below some possible activities linked to Sunday’s talk. If you would like to please feel free to use some of these with your children.

Song: God Made Everything (Awesome Cutlery)



Using the letters of the words GOD'S TEAM see how many different things that you could thank God for (e.g. Thank you God for grapes and giraffes and gerbils and grandads. Thank you God for oranges and owls and olives…..).


Choose your favourite game and play it with some other people.


Ask your mum or dad if you can have a small plate of different kinds of fruit or a bowl of Smarties or Skittles. Choose one item from the plate / bowl and tell everyone else why you chose it? See if you can remember the different sorts of people that Jesus chose to be on his team.


Draw a picture of Jesus and his team on a piece of paper/card or on the back of a cereal packet. After you finish cut it up into different pieces and make it into a jigsaw.


See if you can find all the words in the word search given in the following link - or be creative and make up your own puzzle sheet based on today's talk.


Other Resources

We are keen to help you establish a new rhythm and habits that help children connect with God (not just on a Sunday) and with the whole family. We are looking to put together a list of resources that families from CCC have found helpful in this.  Please do get in touch with any that you and your family have found useful and we can share these. Here are a handful to start with:

Please share your children’s drawings by email, or via social media.  Our email contact during this time is socialmedia@culduthelchristiancentre.org or DM us on Facebook or Instagram.

We are praying for you and we love you all lots!  If you are new to CCC, I would love to say hello.

Please email alison@culduthelchristiancentre.org

The Kidzone Team