Church Centre Terms and Conditions

Issue 2.0 Revised: 23 July 2012
The Facilities Management Team

Please note that the Terms and Conditions below will be deemed to have been read, understood, accepted and fully complied with, by the client making a booking of Culduthel Christian Centre.

Terms and Conditions

1. This contract is between Holm Evangelical Church, hereinafter referred to as Culduthel Christian Centre, Culduthel Avenue, Inverness (referred to as CCC) and the client as per the booking form.

2. The person making the booking for and on behalf of the client warrants to CCC that he / she has the authority so to do – failing this he / she will be personally liable under this contract.

3. The contract is effective once an email has been issued by CCC to the Client in response to the finalised booking enquiry.

4. Full payment of the account will be required prior to commencement of the booking (Unless otherwise agreed in writing with CCC).

5. If the client cancels the contract prior to the event the client will be charged a £25 administration fee.

6. CCC reserves the right to increase the charge at any time. Such increase shall be notified to the client in writing no less than 14 days prior to any booking, who shall be bound to pay the increased price.

7. The client agrees to pay CCC the charges incurred by the client and / or guests for any food, beverage or any other service not provided in this contract unless prior to the event CCC has been instructed in writing by the client to obtain cash settlement for such charges direct from the persons concerned.

8. Time must be allocated within the Let period to allow for preparation and cleaning up. All groups are asked to co-operate by vacating the premises in time, so that all users get the full time for which they have paid.

9. Only the rooms allocated within a let are to be used.

10. If the event exceeds the time period stated on the contract CCC reserves the right to increase the room hire charge accordingly.

11. The client hereby undertakes to indemnify CCC for any damage to the premises or contents whether or not owned by CCC caused by the event or any person attending the event.

12. CCC strongly recommends that for the protection of the client hiring its facilities, the client has Public Liability Insurance, to cover injury and property damage to third parties as a result of their negligence.

13. CCC accepts no liability for loss or damage to property owned by, or in the custody of, the client and/or guests while that property is on the premises at CCC and the client is advised to arrange adequate insurance cover.

14. CCC will not be liable for failure to comply with any terms or conditions of this Agreement to the extent such compliance is prevented, hindered or delayed by any cause beyond its control, including but not limited fire, storm, explosion, flood, act of God, action of any Government or Government agency, shortage of materials or Goods, strike or lock-out.

15. The benefit of this Agreement is personal to the client and may not be assigned.

16. A key holder will be appointed for opening and locking up purposes. CCC reserves the right to refuse applications from organisations and individuals whose practices and / or beliefs are inconsistent with our own statement of faith.

17. Use of the audio-visual equipment and the main centre kitchen will be dependent on approved persons being available to oversee their use. Use of the audio-visual equipment is a separate chargeable item. The equipment and approved persons required must be confirmed at the time of booking.

18. An approved person may also be required for certain parties / events.

19. Cleaning materials (brushes, mops) are provided, but users are requested to use bin bags and to deposit these in the bins provided as appropriate.

20. All rooms and support areas are to be left as handed over. Failure to do so will require the lessee to return and remedy the situation forthwith or pay a cleaning surcharge.

21. No food or drink is allowed within the Culduthel auditorium, unless by prior arrangement. Seating in the auditorium is to be replaced as per the designated plan.

22. Persons or Organisations who have been granted a Let are responsible for all persons present. Persons must also be fully aware of FIRE REGULATIONS within the Centre and familiarise themselves with fire doors and routes of escape.

23. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, and may result in eviction from the premises.

24. CCC has a zero tolerance policy with respect to alcohol, smoking and drugs. No smoking is allowed in any part of the centre, including the external grounds. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted to the premises.

25. No animals except guide dogs are permitted on the premises.

26. The Kitchen facilities may only be used where they are supervised by someone with an appropriate food hygiene certificate.

27. Any electrical equipment brought onto CCC premises must have a current PAT Tested sticker attached to it. No equipment that is not covered by a current PAT Certificate can be used in the premises.

28. CCC promotes the well being of children (those under 18) and vulnerable adults (“both herein referred to as “the vulnerable”) in our area and as such requires that where adults have substantial access to the vulnerable there must be a Protection of the Vulnerable Group Scheme (“PVG”)/policy in place for the group. All Lets with the vulnerable must have such a Scheme / policy in place, and must have the minimum number of adults in charge, as laid out in the CCC PVG Scheme and Guidelines, who have passed criminal record checks.

29. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the client confirms that they have such a policy in place. Details of the Scheme/policy must be made available on request in order to verify the position.

30. Any breach of the conditions of the Let may result in the termination of it at the discretion of CCC, and prejudice the granting of any future applications.

31. CCC Contact details are as follows: Culduthel Christian Centre, Culduthel Avenue, Inverness, T: 01463 222795 E: W:

32. We confirm having read, understood and undertake to comply with the following policies / guidelines:

Auditorium Supplemental Booking Conditions. For CCC members
Fire Safety Policy
Fire Risk Assessment
Inspection and Check Frequencies
First Aid Policy. Delete signature section from form
Guidelines for Film Clips
Guidelines for Multi Media Users
Events Management - Stewarding Duties Sundays
- Events Management Guide
- Stewarding Duties - Car Parks
Health and Safety Policy
Blank Risk Assessment
Guidelines on completing Risk assessment
Health and Safety Risk Assessment

All official documentation relating to the list above can be found and read here.