Harvest 2019

This Harvest time, we are supporting the BMS’s South Sudan’s conflict survivors

You might know something of the horrific conflict in South Sudan and the millions of refugees who fled the violence. But did you know that South Sudanese Christians are helping their neighbours in refugee camps right now? And did you know that you can support them as a fellowship?  On 22nd September at our Harvest thanksgiving servce we will be supporting the work of BMS, and you will have an opportunity to give financially.

War has destroyed their lives.  You can help rebuild them.

We want to help more South Sudanese refugee children like Modi Emmanuel. 

Modi Emmanuel had to crawl away from South Sudan’s brutal civil war.  His mother tried her best to carry him, but she couldn’t manage every step. And so this bright young South Sudanese boy, unable to walk through a disability, had to get on his hands and knees to find his way to safety in Uganda.

It breaks my heart to think of what Modi Emmanuel endured on his journey. The hardship and physical pain, and the terror of not knowing if he would survive. I give thanks to God that he did, and that he is now safe and has been given a wheelchair thanks to South Sudanese Christians and BMS World Mission’s partners working among the refugees.

But there are so many other disabled South Sudanese refugees in camps in Uganda who do not have a wheelchair. And there are children who need food. Pregnant women who require a  basic, yet life-saving health check. And widows who need tools and seeds to grow food for their families.

South Sudanese refugees may have been forgotten by others, but they are not forgotten by BMS. Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of vulnerable, displaced people, made in God’s image, who need help from every member of the BMS family.

The cost of hope: What your giving can achieve:

Every gift our fellowship makes to the BMS appeal will help to improve a person’s life.  Below are some more details of what your donations can support.

£18 can provide a solar battery bank to save mums and babies’ lives by powering a blood pressure monitor.

£39 can support a community disability helper for a month, fighting stigma, providing support and pastoral care.

£66 can provide the seeds and tools to give a family food for a year, by helping them grow crops.

The South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors appeal supports BMS work in refugee settlements in Uganda, among some of the most vulnerable people on earth.

But it could also support BMS’s work in other places of desperate need. In the event that gifts to South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors exceed the money budgeted to bring hope to refugees through ministries among pregnant mothers, people with disabilities and those at risk of malnourishment, all money raised will be used to transform the lives of some of the most marginalised and least evangelised people in the world. Mothers at risk in Afghanistan, church planters facing persecution in India and Roma people in Albania could benefit from your giving. You could support BMS doctors in remote hospitals in Chad and lawyers defending the weak in Uganda and Mozambique. Your gift will make a difference.

Watch South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors now