Just 10: A New 10-Week Course

Just10 is the Ten Commandments re-imagined for today's generation. Far from being a set of rules to restrict us, they are principles that bring freedom and fulfilment. Unpacking and expanding words that have been shared for millennia, just10 provides a culturally relevant, practical application for modern lives.

'What can we actually do today to keep these commandments?'

This course is ideal for anyone who is seeking and would like to know more about the Christian Faith.

Course dates
Every Tuesday evening from 19 September to 12 December 2017, except for 10, 17 and 31 October, from 7.30-9pm.

Please register your interest on 01463 222795 or email admin@culduthelchristiancentre.org.

Course sessions
just10 tackles the Ten Commandments in reverse order culminating with number 1.

"Find True Contentment"
‘You shall not covet'

"Hold To The Truth"
‘You shall not lie'

"Prosper With A Clear Conscience"
‘You shall not steal'

"Affair-Proof Our Relationships"
‘You shall not commit adultery'

"Manage Your Anger"
‘You shall not murder'

"Keep The Peace With Your Parents"
‘Honour your parents'

"Catch Your Breath"
‘Remember God's day of rest'

"Take God Seriously"
‘You shall not misuse God's name'

"Know God"
‘You shall not make idols'

"Live By Priorities"
‘You shall have no other gods'