Mission Support Team (MST)

We are:-  Katy Dobson (Chair), Doreen Campbell, Elizabeth McGilvery, Dale Peterson, Jenny Wilson, David Goudie, and Alasdair Macleod.

We aim to support and encourage the church’s engagement with mission in a variety of ways:

  • meeting regularly to pray and to consider the different ways that CCC is participating in and supporting mission.
  • focus on our established links with organisations and the work in Sliven, Bulgaria, but always being open to new possibilities for mission that God might be calling CCC to be involved with.
  • facilitating short-term mission trips (such as the Bulgaria trip in Summer 2017).
  • partnering with families serving with BMS overseas and looking forward to developing these connections further.

If anyone in the church is thinking of a short-term mission trip, or a longer period of service and would like prayer or advice, or support in any way, then please approach any of us on the MST.

CCC is also involved with mission in our local community.


Sliven Update

We are excited to share an update from Zhani & Stoyan Slavchev


Afghanistan Sustainable Agriculture Appeal

We raised money in 2021 for a development project led by one of the BMS World Mission workers which is focused around sustainable agriculture in Afghanistan.  More details can be found here.

We have received a report of how this work is progressing from the group organising the programme. 

Though the land originally planned for use fell through, God provided a larger more suitable plot in answer to prayer.  Some 25 to 30 apple trees of four different varieties have been planted along with other fruit bushes, and the addition of chickens and bees is planned. Some trees are not doing to well, which can be expected, so a cover of alphalfa has been added to build up the soil. Also perennial plants like rhubarb and asparagus have been added.

Teaching people not only about vegetables but fruits also will be such a boost for the area.  

This is certainly a long-term project and so they cannot expect to see massive results until a few years down the road.

We can expect to hear more detail of the future progress of this project that the church so generously supported at the start.