Child Protection

It is the policy of the church at CCC to take reasonable steps, to protect children and protected adults from physical, sexual or emotional abuse, while in the care of the church all within the meaning of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act (Scotland) 2007.(This Act introduced the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme referred to in this note as “the Scheme”). (This Act introduced the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme referred to in this note as “the Scheme”)


Specifically, the church will apply procedures to ensure that, as far as possible:

1. Matters covered by the Scheme are handled within the church in a proper way, and the proper authorities are informed without delay whenever necessary;

2. Persons who are appointed to positions of responsibility within the church, by virtue of which they may have contact with children under the age of 18 and protected adults (both groups referred to as “the vulnerable”) have no history of conduct prejudicial to their safety, and are themselves at least 18 years of age;

3. Unvetted assistants (normally young people under the age of 18) are used only in an appropriate manner;

4. Any allegations of abuse or improper conduct against church personnel or helpers, arising from church activities, will be referred to the Child Protection Committee of CCC in the first instance;

5. Any other persons or organisations who work with the vulnerable and regularly use the church premises have appropriate policies in relation to their contact with the vulnerable which substantially accord with those operated by the church;

6. The church premises are safe for the purposes for which they are being used;

7. While giving absolute priority to the protection of the vulnerable in the care of the church, the right of adults to proper confidentiality and fair treatment is safeguarded.

Note: Further information regarding procedures and guidelines for the implementation of this policy is available on request from the Church Secretary or from Convener (Alison Macleod) of the Child Protection Committee.

September 2012 (revised)


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