Pastoral Care

We aim to be a caring church not only for our committed members but also for needs made known to us within the wider community.

The fellowship of the church is the foundation for our pastoral care because we believe that Scripture encourages everyone to be loving one another. This happens quite naturally when people are committed to one of our small groups. The small groups are so crucial to our pastoral care network that we encourage everyone to be linked into a small group. Where that is not possible we rely on needs being made known directly to the pastoral care team.

The pastoral care team consists of the Pastor, the Elders and other suitably gifted members of the congregation. This team meets regularly to review the needs within the fellowship and to ensure that follow-through care is provided. Every church member is linked to an elder and this arrangement is detailed in the members area of our website.

There are members of our fellowship who are particularly vulnerable and will always be receiving care rather than giving it. There are also seasons of ill health, bereavement or child birth where we offer a meals service to ease the pressure on families. Wherever possible we are seeking to provide spiritual care alongside practical care so that whatever is happening people are encouraged to grow in their relationship with God.

If you would like to request a pastoral visit please contact one of the following:

Pastor Alasdair Macleod on

Allan Dunbar on

Janet Logue on