Ministry Teams

Make a difference

We have highlighted a few of the ministry areas where there are opportunities to serve within the fellowship.   If the area you are interested in serving in is not highlighted below, please still get in touch with us.  We would love to hear from you.

Our Purpose

We are passionate about people feeling like they are a part of our church family and one of the best places to do that is as part of a team.  And it’s not just on the weekends!
There are opportunities for serving which are available seven days a week.
No matter your age or experience, there's a team that you can join, serving alongside others and getting to know others in the church.

Current Opportunities


Do you love technology? Are you tech-savvy and trained in the art of finding great solutions? Or do you just “nerd out” about lighting, cameras, computers and sound?

You might be a great fit to volunteer on the Production Team!

We’re seeking people who are passionate about video, lights, sound, camera, technology and working on a team to deliver resources with excellence.

There are opportunities to serve once a month or EVERY week! Sign Up for More details TODAY!



Are you passionate about serving? Do you enjoy creating an efficient, inviting environment?  

Volunteers help with welcoming people as they enter the church, reaching out to new people before and after the services, making coffee and smiling.

Come find your perfect fit on our team!



If you have a knack for administration, writing, graphic design, editing, proofreading, website design, storytelling, or communications, you might find your perfect fit volunteering on our digital communications team. Our team handles a wide range of responsibilities, from email marketing to copywriting.

Our Social Media Team exists to help people feel connected and known on social media platforms. There are people in our community who have never set foot inside of a church and social media may be how God reaches them. 

We have flexible opportunities to fit most schedules.



Facilities is a great behind-the-scenes opportunity that blesses EVERYONE who walks in the door.  

This team will help with all areas of facilities: odd jobs, cleaning, painting, and general maintenance.

You can pick the tasks that fit your talents and abilities.

We have flexible opportunities to fit most schedules.



We need more people to help take JohnJacquie and Mhairi to church.

They love coming and worshiping with us each Sunday morning.

Training will be given and a church PVG is required. We can help you apply for PVG check if needed.