Partner Church

A major aspect of our mission involvement is our partnership with the Evangelical Congregational Church in Sliven, Bulgaria, where the pastor is Stojan Nikolov Slavchev, who is assisted by his wife Zhani, who is also a worship leader, singer and preacher. Stoyan and Zhani have a young daughter, Cveti.

Stoyan & Zhani

Stojan and Zhani and their dedicated team continue to serve not only the main Church in Sliven, which has a membership of around 150, plus 30 children,  but also the 30 daughter churches in villages within 40km of Sliven which have a total membership of 800, plus approximately 450 children.

We support our brothers and sisters in Sliven both financially – helping to meet their staff and other costs - and in kind. Each autumn, a consignment of gift-packed shoeboxes donated by folk at the Culduthel Christian Centre and other churches are sent to Sliven as part of Blythswood Care’s annual Shoebox Appeal, along with other goods.

Stojan and Zhani and their colleagues display a total reliance on God for every aspect of their daily living which is an inspiration and challenge to us, and we deeply appreciate the Sliven Church’s commitment to pray for our work at the Centre.