The week that changed the world

Following in the steps of Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter Day

In lockdown’ circumstances, Holy Week congregations are dispersed. However, here is a resource that can bring together not just congregations but the whole Christian community.

An erudite historian, Dr Peter Walker, has prepared and recorded “The week that changed the world” in 12 short radio instalments.  

This is an ideal audio-companion for the first ‘underground’ Holy Week for 1,650 years!

Christians have celebrated ‘Holy Week’, remembering the dramatic events of Jesus’ life between Palm Sunday and Easter Day.

Peter Walker wrote a great book about Jesus called "The weekend that changed the world"  In these short free audio clips to listen to each day "Peter Walker takes us through the dramatic events of the last days of Jesus' life. Walker retells a myriad of evocative detail that is a compelling defence of the biblical account of the crucifixion and resurrection."

This year, because of the Coronavirus engulfing our world, many believers will not be able to meet in public or gather for worship: Holy Week will effectively go ‘underground’. But that does not mean we cannot celebrate it privately—within our own homes and families.

This resource helps us do just that: as you listen to these 12 short audio-recordings, each 6 - 7 minutes in length, you will be taken back in your mind’s eye to the Mount of Olives and the streets of Jerusalem, there to witness the dramatic turn of events as Jesus entered the city.

Use this resource to spark your imagination, to grow in confidence in the reality of the historical Jesus, and to be taken on a journey of faith that can lead to a renewed hope in the truth of Jesus’ resurrection—the only sure hope for our troubled world.

You can listen to the first instalment  by clicking on the clip below.  Pastor Alasdair has purchased the series for the fellowship at CCC.  A ChurchSuite event has been prepared for this, and if you are interested, please respond to the ChurchSuite event email, and we will send instructions for accessing the whole series at no cost.